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24 Port Manabloc, 9 hot ports 15 cold ports - Viega
The Viega 24 Port MANABLOC is a unique plumbing water distribution system that can provide homeowners with dramatic water and energy savings. Each fixture in a house (e.g. shower, kitchen sink, toilet) is fed by its own flexible water distribution line, made of PEX tubing, that runs directly from a central manifold system, called the Viega MANABLOC. By providing each fixture with its own distribution line (blue indicates cold water and red indicates hot water), the line can be made just the right size based on the amount of water that is needed. For example, shower heads may need more water than low-flow fixtures such as toilets or dish washers, so larger lines can be run from the MANABLOC to the shower. This results in faster hot water and reduced waste. Combined with Viega PEX tubing, the MANABLOC offers additional benefits to both the plumber who is installing the system and the homeowner who uses it.

***Does Not Include fittings for distribution lines. All fittings sold seperately.***

24 Port Manabloc
Ports: (9 hot/15 cold)
Hot and Cold ports are color coded
1/4 turn valves and T-handle valve key